Real moldavite for sale is the star-child of heaven. It is beloved by crystal healers and crystal enthusiasts around the world. This beautiful green beauty is atektite, which is a type of glass rock. It is believed that it was formed around 15 million years ago when a meteorite struck the earth. The meteorite struck in what was once Czechoslovakia, but is now Nordlinger Ries. Moldavia, near the Moldau river, was where pieces of it melted. This is where moldavite got its name.

A strewnfield is the method by which the meteorite disperses. These are areas of debris that have an elliptical shape and may extend as far as several miles.

Moldavite is well-known for its beautiful translucent forest green color, but it can also appear lighter. However, there have been some brown and yellow specimens. Although it is available in both rough and gem-cut forms, it is becoming increasingly rare and more expensive. Spiritual seekers consider this stone a high-value crystal to add to their collection due to its celestial origins.

Moldavite is not just for Starseeds. The meteorite was combined with the earth to make moldavite. It is a combination of celestial and earth material. This stone is excellent for communicating with other worldly spirits and earth divas. This stone is a great meditation tool for people who feel alone in the universe.