It’s never been easier to make money selling music CDs or MP3 downloads. You can now sell CD’s and MP3 downloads online, regardless of how many you have made or how few you have recorded Albany music store.

Independent companies can be called “Aggregators” for major online music stores. What they do is to group together the music of all independent artists and provide them with a weekly bundle of content. They collect money from the stores for your tracks and send it to you.

Some aggregators take a small portion of every sale and then send the rest to you. This is in order to cover their service costs like staff costs, delivery costs, etc. Some aggregators prefer to charge an upfront fee and allow you to keep all the money the store pays the artist. The online store will take a cut from any music sold, but you can make up to 60 cents for each 99 cent track. Downloads are much more affordable than CDs and don’t have to be pressed upfront. This means that you can make a quick profit on your music.